Preparing Our Hearts for Worship 5/26/2019

This week, we will continue to into the Easter season, recalling the resurrection of the Christ. As we enter into the sanctuary, Psalm 107:1-9 will be scrolling on the screen along with our announcements.

We’ll be hearing a new song today, The Lion and the Lamb. The Lion and the Lamb teaches that Jesus is both the powerful Lion of Judah and the meek Lamb of God. He is the conquering king and the one whose blood is shed to break the chains of sin and darkness.

A special emphasis this week is that God hears and answers or prayers. Sometimes those answers are clear. Sometimes we might not understand or see the result. However, God answers our prayers.

Click on the playlist below to hear the music for this coming Sunday! If you follow the playlist, it will be updated with music for each week.