Preparing for Pentecost

This coming Sunday is Pentecost! This is the day of the church year that we remember that Jesus is true to His Word and he sends the Helper, the Holy Spirit, to work amongst us.

We learned last Sunday that the Holy Spirit is the shy person of the Trinity. His main work is to point away from himself and to point us to the completed work of Jesus Christ. This is done through the Word’s of Christ who speaks both Law and Gospel which together shows us us our great need and our great savior.

This Sunday, functions like a hinge. It connects the Story of Jesus in the first half of the church year to the Story of the Church, the second half of the church year.

As you prepare for worship, think about the impact the Holy Spirit has had in your life. Has He called you to faith? Has He comforted you in distress? Has He convicted you of sin?

On Pentecost, we remember that Jesus has accomplished all that is necessary for salvation. May His name be exalted above all!