Adult Bible Studies at ORLC

ORLC has a number of opportunities for adults to study God’s Word in a group setting. Check out the different options below!

Wednesday Evening – 6:30-8:00 PM – John’s Epistles

Our Wednesday Evening study will be taking a look at the Epistles of Saint John. Way at the back of the New Testament are three short epistles written by the Apostle and Evangelist, John. The three letters each show John’s concern over the appearance of false itinerant teachers who would apparently travel between churches teaching against scripture and the Christian faith. From these letters, we see that like Christ, our faith in Christ is to be alive and yet ever trusting in Him for all things.
We will be using a study guide published by Ambassador Publications, written by Pastor Gary Jorgenson. The study guide will be made available to all in attendance.
The instructor for Wednesday Evening is Pastor Schultz.

Sunday Morning Bible Study 11:10 AM – Galatians

Sunday morning, during Christian Education Hour, you can join us as we study Paul’s Letter to the Galatians. In Galatians, we see a clear teaching that Christ is sufficient to accomplish both our justification (being made right with God) and our sanctification (the practical result of God’s peace-giving work in our life through the Holy Spirit). Galatians teaches us that Christ justifies us by grace through faith and that through faith, Christ leads us in a new way of life.
For Sunday morning, we will be utilizing a study guide published by Ambassador Publications, written by Pastor Jon Wellumson. The study guide will be made available to all in attendance.
The facilitator for this will be rotated throughout the study.

Monday Morning – Concordia and Coffee – 10:00 AM

Concordia and Coffee gives anyone a great opportunity to sit under the teachers of the Reformation. We will read from the Book of Concord and learn from the likes of Dr. Martin Luther, Philip Melancthon, Jonas Justice, and Martin Chemnitz.
The Book of Concord contains confessions of faith that were formed in the crucible of the Reformation when the very Gospel was at risk of being subjugated and trampled on. The writers consistently apply scripture to various topics ranging from election to changing diapers in this amazing collection of writings.
We utilize “Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions” published by Concordia Publishing House. There are limited copies available to borrow during the class time.
The instructor for this class is Pastor Schultz.

Thursday Morning – Women’s Bible Study – 10:15 AM

The Women’s Bible Study will be studying the salvation story of the Bible. The salvation story of the Bible is a way of looking at the Scriptures to see that each individual story is actually a part of a single greater story that is told throughout the Bible. The study will cover the people, places, and promises of the Bible as one continuous story.
The class will be using the Bible study entitled, “Seamless,” written by Angie Smith and is published by LifeWay.
The study will be facilitated by participants and will rely upon videos to help the class along.

Basics of ORLC – What and Why ORLC?

Basics of ORLC is not just a new member class. It takes a look at the foundational teachings of Our Redeemer. Basics is an opportunity to ask tough questions about faith and about scripture.
The meeting time for Basics is determined ad hoc, however if you are interested in taking part, you can contact Pastor Schultz at pastor@orlckirkland.