Devotions for the 2nd Week of Advent

Luther for the Busy Man

Check out this daily devotional that is available in text and podcast forms.

Free Lutheran Schools Christmas Concert

Virtual Christmas Concert from the Free Lutheran Bible College and Seminary. You can listen on Friday, December 11th at 5 PM. Listen at

Large Catechism Reading for Advent

Sunday – 6th Commandment
Monday – 7th Commandment
Tuesday – 8th Commandment
Wednesday – 9th and 10th Commandment
Thursday – Conclusion
Friday – Apostles’ Creed, Article I
Saturday – Article II
Sunday – Article III

2nd Week of Advent Scripture Readings

Sunday – Psalm 32
Monday – Psalm 71
Tuesday – Psalm 30
Wednesday – Psalm 126
Thursday – Psalm 50
Friday – Psalm 46
Saturday – Psalm 72

Weekly Small Catechism Reading

Monday – Ten Commandments
Tuesday – The Creed
Wednesday – Lord’s Prayer
Thursday – Sacrament of Baptism
Friday – Sacrament of the Altar
Saturday – Table of Duties
Sunday before Church – Christian Questions with Their Answers
Sunday at anytime – Confession