Join us for Pentecost! Wear Red This Sunday!

This Sunday’s Text – Pentecost

Genesis 11:1–9
Acts 2:1–21
John 14:23–31

The Holy Spirit Gives Peace

Following the flood, Noah’s descendants failed to spread out and fill the earth as God had spoken. Rather, they exalted themselves; with “one language and the same words” (Gen. 11:1) they spoke proudly and arrogantly. The Lord humbled them by confusing “the language of all the earth,” dividing and dispersing the people (Gen. 11:9). That dispersal was reversed on Pentecost Day (the fiftieth day of Easter), when God caused the one Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to be preached in a multitude of languages. “At this sound the multitude came together” (Acts 2:6), for the preaching of Christ is the primary work of the Holy Spirit, whereby He gathers people from all nations into one Church. The Holy Spirit teaches and brings to our remembrance the words of Jesus, which are the words of the Father who sent Him. These words bestow forgiveness and peace to those who keep and hold on to them in love for Jesus. “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.” (John 14:27).

Note from the Pastor’s Desk

This Sunday is Pentecost. Pentecost is the day that the church remembers and celebrates the work of the Holy Spirit 50 days after the resurrection of Jesus. This Sunday, the paraments of the church are changed from Easter white to festival red. Red is a very appropriate color for Pentecost because it symbolizes the work of the Holy Spirit, who grants faith and zeal to the church. Red is also the color of blood and fire and is symbolic of sin and its atonement. It represents the church, also, who is redeemed by the blood of Christ, and testified to by the blood of martyrs.

Join us this Sunday as we wear red in celebration of the work of the Holy Spirit that continues amongst the church today!