This year, ORLC is observing Passion Sunday on Palm Sunday. Passion Sunday is an option in the church calendar that combines the Triumphant Entry of Jesus with His Passion, especially focusing on Thursday and Friday of Holy Week.

As such, there is a great contrast in the service which becomes very clear as you go through the service. The service will open with Pastor in the back of the sanctuary. Only after an invocation, scripture reading, and prayer, will the acolytes and Pastor proceed to the front of the sanctuary as the congregation sings, “All Glory, Laud, and Honor.” The people will join the throngs of people there on Palm Sunday in shouting, “Hosanna in the highest!”

Following Confession and Absolution, Pastor will pray and the congregation will sing. This prayer and the song of praise which follows serves as a hinge in the service. The joy of the Triumphal entry fades into the solemnness of the suffering and death of Christ.

The message this Sunday will be different than what we are used to in form. We will hear the entirety of the Passion Narrative from the Gospel of Mark. These two chapters, fourteen and fifteen, begin with Jesus outside the walls of Jerusalem in Bethany and culminate with Jesus being buried.

We pray that this Sunday’s service will be a blessing to you.