ORLC’s YouTube Channel

ORLC’s services and a few Bible Studies are available via YouTube.

Ambassador Publications

Ambassador Publications is an Association Free Lutheran Congregations (AFLC) ministry. They are providing a number of free resources including Sunday School Curricula, devotions, and Bible studies. They also have a bookstore where you can purchase various books and Ambassador Hymnals for your home worship.

The Being Lutheran Podcast

The Being Lutheran Podcast is hosted by AFLC pastors, Brian Ricke, Brett Boe, and Jason Gudim. They spent over 3 years going through Luther’s Small Catechism, carefully examining each part and doing Bible studies related to each portion. They recently started working through the Augsburg Confession.

Servant’s Pen

Servant’s Pen is a blog written by various pastors from the AFLC including ORLC’s Pastor, Nick Schultz. Articles are published weekly and range from devotional to instructive, depending on the week and the author.

Visit Other AFLC Churches Online

The AFLC has complied a directory of churches that are offering online services. You can check them out and worship with our Free Lutheran brothers and sisters.

Everyone’s Luther

Pastor Brian Wolfmueller has been working on publishing Martin Luther’s writings that are in the public domain. He isn’t trying to make a buck so that means that you can download PDFs of some of Luther’s best writing and study the scriptures with Dr. Luther. If you are new to the writing of Luther, I recommend you read the Large Catechism or Freedom of the Christian first.

Concordia Publishing House

CPH has a number of free resources available right now. You can check out their devotional, Portals of Prayer as well as other resources for Bible study, worship, and for the home.