Concordia and Coffee

Concordia and Coffee is a group that reads through and discusses the Lutheran Confessions. If you want to know what makes Lutherans different from other Christians, this is the place to find out. The Book of Concord is full of scripture references so bring your Bible and join us as we dig into God’s Word. We meet Wednesday morning at 10:30 on Zoom. Email for more info.

Exodus Bible Study

We’ll be studying the Book of Exodus. I have a 10 week study planned with an extra week on the end if we need. 

•6/3 – Introduction, Prologue: Exodus 1 & 2
•6/10 – Who is Yahweh? Exodus 3
•6/17 – Confrontation: Exodus 5-11
•6/24 – The Passover: Exodus 12-13:16
•7/1 – The Exodus: Exodus 13:17-15:21
•7/8 – God’s provision: Exodus 15-18
•7/15 – The Decalogue: Exodus 20:1-17
•7/22 – The Division of the Law – Exodus 20-23
•7/29 – Ratifying the Covenant: Exodus 24, (25-40:33) 40:34-38
•8/5 – Apostasy and Restoration: Exodus 32-34

Email for information to join.

Pastor’s Class – Sunday Morning

Join us as we study the history and importance of the Augsburg Confession and its applicability to our faith today. We meet at 11 AM on Sunday mornings.Email for more info.

ORLC Basics

ORLC Basics is an 8 week course that covers the core teachings of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church. It is especially for those who want to learn more about ORLC, those who may be considering membership, as well as those who have been a part of our fellowship for some time. We’ll be meeting on Sunday afternoon at 1:30. Email for more info.

Join a Group

If you want to join a group, contact Pastor Schultz at or follow this link to our Planning Center page and join in the fun!