Who We Are

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church is a Christian congregation. We believe in Jesus Christ as God’s only Son who became a man to bring forgiveness to us through His sacrificial death on a cross. The Holy Spirit, the third person of the Triune God, brings God’s kindness to us and brings us to God’s kindness in Christ.
Our Redeemer Lutheran Church follows in the strong tradition of the Protestant Reformation. The writings of the Lutheran Church provide a lens through which our Christian worldview takes focus. A summary of Lutheran teaching is found in Luther’s Small Catechism. Our confidence is in God’s Holy Word which we believe is His inspired truth. We accept the Bible as our only faithful guide for what we believe and for how we live.
As biblical Lutherans, we observe the two sacraments of Baptism and Communion. These two sacraments were instituted by Jesus Christ to bring to us His grace and mercy. God acts in baptism to bring us into His family and He acts in communion to strengthen us in our faith. We observe communion the first Sunday of the month and the communion service is open to all who believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior. Those who are interested in being baptized are welcome to talk to ORLC’s Pastor for preparation for baptism. For more information on the sacraments, please see what we believe.
Our Redeemer Lutheran Church is congregational in its form of church organization. There is no authority above the local congregation except for the Word and Spirit of God. The local body is independent, but chooses to associate with other Lutheran congregation of like mind in a national church body called the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations, the AFLC.

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church is committed to the mission given by Christ to bring the Good News of the forgiveness of sins to all the people groups of the world. We believe that Christ has called us to be His messengers, both in how we live and in what we proclaim. We believe that God loves all of His creation and all are welcome to come to hear of His salvation.