This Wednesday – Advent Vespers

You are invited to Our Redeemer Lutheran Church for Advent Vespers, Wednesday, 12/4 at 7 PM. Vespers will be held each Wednesday for the next three weeks.

Vespers, or evening, service is filled with scripture and much of it may be sung. Since Vespers is something that is new to our congregation, we’ll be reading Vespers without the singing though there will be opportunities to sing familiar hymns.

Vespers is a moment in the week to slow down from the hustle and bustle of December and put our focus on the Advent of Christ. Christ coming to us. This year, we’ll focus on 3 ways in which Christ comes to us: Through prophecy, through the second coming, and through Word and Sacrament. Then, on Christmas Eve, we will hear about Christ’s coming through the incarnation of our Lord, Jesus.

We will be meeting in the Fireside room this week. See you there.