Devotions for the First Week of Advent

Below are a number of options to guide you through devotions this first week of Advent.

New Devotional Podcast and Blog: Luther for the Busy Man

Our friends at the Association Free Lutheran Schools have been producing a devotional podcast and blog called, “Luther for the Busy Man.” Each devotion includes scripture reading, an except from Luther’s writings, and a short prayer. You can subscribe to this devotional on the webpage,

Large Catechism Reading for Advent

Sunday – Preface
Monday – Luther’s Preface
Tuesday – 1st Commandment
Wednesday – 2nd Commandment
Thursday – 3rd Commandment
Friday – 4th Commandment
Saturday – 5th Commandment

Advent Scripture Reading

First Sunday of Advent – Psalm 96
First Monday of Advent – Psalm 145
First Tuesday of Advent – Psalm 29
First Wednesday of Advent – Psalm 97
First Thursday of Advent – Psalm 130
First Friday of Advent – Psalm 24
First Saturday of Advent – Psalm 132

Our Advent reading series is from Prepare Ye! written by Reed Lessing. The devotional includes meditations and prayers for each day in the season of Advent. You can purchase a digital version of Prepare Ye on Amazon Kindle and Nook.

Weekly Small Catechism Reading

Monday – Ten Commandments
Tuesday – The Creed
Wednesday – Lord’s Prayer
Thursday – Sacrament of Baptism
Friday – Sacrament of the Altar
Saturday – Table of Duties
Sunday before Church – Christian Questions with Their Answers
Sunday at anytime – Confession