Matthew 25 Challenge, Day 1

This week, ORLC is taking the Matthew 25 challenge. If you want to participate, you still can by texting M25 to 44888.

Each day, you will receive text messages containing scripture and videos to help us disrupt our lives and cause us to think about the world around us where so many people are lacking basic provisions such as food, water, and shelter.

Today, the challenge is to fast through lunch and break your fast this evening with rice an and beans. When you feel the hunger pains of a missed meal, like I am feeling now, look around and consider how much food you have available to you. Remember the statistic from this morning. 16,000 children will die today: half of them because of malnutrition. Let us pray for those who are without, especially this day.

Tomorrow, we will be focusing on the second part of Matthew 25:35, “I was thirsty and you gave me drink.” Tomorrow, your challenge is to only drink water. No coffee. No tea. No soda. No alcohol. Just water. And when you crave your coffee, pray for those who must walk terrible distances in order to find clean water and for those who have no clean water at all.