Matthew 25 Challenge, Day 4

Just checking in to see how you all are doing in the Matthew 25 Challenge. Yesterday we learned about the refugee crises around the world and heard the story of Armando who had to flee his home and sleep on the floor of his uncle’s house.

The challenge yesterday was to join Armando by sleeping on the floor. How did that go?

Today we are focusing on the part of Matthew 25 which says, “When I was naked, you gave me clothes.” Today we are wearing the same clothes we wore yesterday. This is one of the most visible challenges of the week. You might be asked why you are wearing the same clothes. If you are asked, be sure to tell your friends and coworkers you are doing it with your church as you learn about children who live in poverty around the world. Grab your Bible, open it to Matthew 25 and read the passage.

In this simple way, we can share God’s love with our neighbors and see the need of those around us.

God bless and have a great day!